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AziCon Group is a Consortium of Highly Experienced Consulting Professionals
Private companies that need specialized help to solve particularly challenging business problems are too often forced to use a large, high-overhead consulting firm that is both expensive and unwieldy when what you are really looking for is the immediate value that an experienced “been there, done that” individual professional can provide.

AziCon Group is the consulting arm of Achille Benko & Duvall, CPAs (ABD).  The ABD partners, Tom Duvall and Matt Benko, are long-time professional management consultants whose combined 50+ years of consulting experience spans a wide variety of companies and situations.   [more]  

Tom and Matt have the real-world experience to help you through all sorts of mission-critical issues:

  • Purchase or sale of a business, a location or a product line; including business valuation
  • Temporary/part-time CFO/COO help
  • Product and service costing/pricing
  • Inventory and operations process flow simplification
  • Performance measurement of your people, business or operations
  • Implementation of effective IT solutions, including business software and effective web presence

All of these challenges are areas where Tom and Matt have first-hand solution experience; both as management consultants and, more importantly, as real-world business executives that have had to solve these problems for our own companies.

In addition to Tom and Matt, AziCon Group has also assembled a group of additional experienced professionals in several areas that complement and extend the capabilities offered by Tom and Matt.

Scott Herbst, Ph.D., is the founder of SixFlex, a performance improvement consultancy that focuses on aligning strategy and performance measurement.  This approach to performance improvement is particularly useful when revamping employee performance and/or sales compensation systems; or when replacing IT systems.  Aligning the measures and the training in the new approaches makes it much easier for employees to support the new programs and systems.

Marne Smiley is the Chicago-based Digital Director for Lightpost Digital, Inc., a leading online/digital marketing firm that can help improve the performance of any company’s online offering.  This includes website design, deployment and operational effectiveness.